Heavy Duty Flight Line (for 42FT. Model)

Heavy Duty Flight Line (for 42FT. Model)
Heavy Duty Flight Line (for 42FT. Model)
Product Details
Product Details

Even the best flight lines have an effective life. The Frightkite Heavy Duty Flight Line lasts longer because it’s designed for areas that experience stronger and/or more sustained winds. Use as replacement line or order with your 42FT. Model Kitif you feel your location requires strong line due to wind or other factors.


Please note: it’s highly recommended you change your line before it snaps to reduce the risk of losing or crashing your Falcon Frightkite. Consider ordering a spare flight line or two along with your kit to ensure you always have a backup available. Periodically check your line for signs of damage or fraying, and replace as needed.


For less windy areas, we also offer our Standard Flight Line (for 42FT. Model).



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