Are Pest Birds Eating Your Grapes, Crops, and Seeds?

The Falcon FrightKite by Falcon Crop Protection is the safe, easy, cost-effective way to chase away pest birds and reduce damage to your crops.

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When we saw a small flock of birds heading for the vineyard take a hard right turn and fly away we were convinced that the FrightKite works. The harvest is over now and the bird damage is so minimal it was amazing.

Bob and Linda Salomon
Sonoma Valley

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About Falcon FrightKites

They fly like real falcons!

FrightKites are self-launching, silently patrolling the skies over your vineyard, farm, or almost any location where pest birds are present. FrightKites soar high in the sky so they are readily seen by birds approaching from long distances – you can actually see the birds fly off in terror the moment they spot your FrightKite!

The reason FrightKites are so effective is that they work on the birds’ natural fear of prey birds. In fact, they’re more afraid of attack from above than they are of humans because they can fly away from us at a moment’s notice. Not so with a falcon, who can attack on the ground or in the air. Unsurprisingly, the birds get out of there as quickly as possible to find greener pastures.

Notable Features

Kite Assembly

Easy to Assemble
and Launch

Self-flying in winds
as low as 2mph

Kite Cost

Cost Effective

Costs much less in time and a fraction of the money for netting in vineyards

Kite Effectiveness

Highly Effective

Outperforms scarecrows, propane canons, squawk boxes, and reflective tape

Kite Durability


UV-resistant and constructed of sturdy materials for flight in wind, rain, and cold

Kite Eco Friendly

Bird Friendly

Birds are not harmed in any way

A Bird’s Worst
Nightmare Come
to Life

Don't be fooled - the Falcon FrightKite by Falcon Crop Protection is nothing like the average kid's kite. This is a well-built, precision tool that safely rids crops of pest birds day after day, year in and year out.

So what makes Falcon FrightKites so effective? You and I might see a kite, but the Falcon FrightKite is terrifyingly lifelike through the eyes of a bird:

  • Its shape, coloring, wings, feet, tail, and piercing eyes are all similar to a falcon's
  • Its arched profile in stronger winds makes it look like it is hunting
  • Its wingtips feather as it flies, just as a real falcon’s would
  • Most importantly, its innovative design allows it to hover, glide, climb, and dive in seemingly random patterns, just as falcons do while attacking prey

Bottom line: pest birds don't see a kite at all - they see their worst nightmare come to life.

Why FrightKites Live Up to Their Name

Protecting your crops and grapes from pest birds doesn’t have to be a time-intensive and costly undertaking. Falcon FrightKites are inexpensive and require little labor, yet they are one of the most effective deterrents available

Showing Minimal Crop Damage

Minimal Crop Damage

Our customers have reported that using FrightKites in their vineyards have significantly reduced crop damage. That means more fruit per acre – and a more profitable harvest.

Fewer Birds

Noticeably fewer birds

Pest birds are scared off from the moment your FrightKite takes to the skies. Our customers even report seeing whole flocks divert in mid-flight!

Full Satisfaction

Overall High Satisfaction

The proof is in the pudding! Test vineyards reported 95%-100% effectiveness after installing their FrightKite, and many came back to buy more for greater coverage.

The FrightKite Seems to Fly Forever...

The FrightKite is much, much stronger than a toy kite. Its sturdy design and construction allows it to fly daily in windy conditions of up to 25 mph without damage, however growers across the country leave it installed all season with winds that reach 45MPH. The skin is made from UV-resistant material to reduce sun damage and deterioration, and every component (spars, pole, stand, etc.) are made from the best commercial-grade materials for long-lasting durability.

The Solution Everyone
Has Been Waiting For

Every year in California alone, vintners and farmers lose millions of dollars to birds feeding on their grapes, seeds, and crops. Verasion is a particularly difficult time for vineyards. Grapes are at their most vulnerable when they are approaching their peak - birds love those juicy berries! Farmers have tried all sorts of different tactics to protect their crops but either the solutions are cost prohibitive or have limited effectiveness.

Until Now. FrightKites:

  • Are much cheaper and far less labor-intensive to install than netting
  • Are silent - not noisy like useless squawkers or cannon booms to bother your neighbors
  • Are easy to move from vineyard to vineyard to follow maturing crops
  • Work on the birds' tuitive fear of falcons hunting in the area
  • Are totally self-sufficient -the Frightkite self-launches so you can set it and walk away
  • Are totally realistic mimicking color, shape and movements of the real thing

In actual field tests running over 6 months, on Falcon
FrightKites were found to be 95%-100% effective!

Many Uses for Effective
Protection from Above

Falcon FrightKites can provide safe, environmentally friendly protection against pest birds in many different situations.

Is your particular bird problem not listed here?


Falcon FrightKites silently patrol vineyards from high above, scaring off birds for miles around. Safe, silent, and highly effective - Falcon FrightKites are inexpensive and much easier to install than traditional netting.


Birds cause all sorts of damage to boats, docks, and marinas from property damage to power outages. And they're messy! Falcon FrightKites effectively and inexpensively scare off nuisance marine birds in
any setting.

Industry & Ethanol Plants

Ethanol plants and other industrial facilities are a haven for nuisance birds such as gulls and pigeons - and hard to protect with conventional bird deterrents. The Falcon FrightKite protects every nook and cranny from above, and is easy to install.

Farms & Gardens

Seeds, berries, fruit – pest birds will eat them all, if given half a chance. Falcon FrightKites make sure they don't. The FrightKite hovers above your crops to scare off any bird looking for a free meal.

Corn Crops

Corn is a particular favorite of some birds, including crows and blackbirds. With the Falcon FrightKite patrolling close by, pest birds will look elsewhere for their meal.

Dozens of Uses

The FrightKite can be used in a variety of situations to scare off a wide range of birds, protecting your crops – and your bottom line.


Crop Protection

  • Grapes
  • Seeds (planted)
  • Emerging cereals including corn
  • Strawberries and other berries
  • Fruit farms
  • Rice

Types of Birds

  • Small birds (finches)
  • Crows
  • Grackles
  • Seagulls
  • Grouse/pheasants
  • Pigeons (in certain settings, contact Falcon Crop Protection for specific advice)
  • Starlings
  • Geese

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