The Safe and Cost-effective Method for Protecting Grapes from Birds

Falcon Moving

There’s nothing worse than a vineyard manager or farmer walking out to see that their fruit has been damaged by birds. That’s why Falcon Crop Protection has developed the Frightkite, the ultimate falcon-shaped kite that behaves like a real bird of prey. Attached to a pole, the bird mimics the movements of a Falcon, fooling birds and becoming an effective deterrent.

Kite Pole

Used currently in vineyards across the United States, this grape vine protector can launch in winds from 2 to 25 mph and stays airborne. The FrightKite often attracts other birds of prey that appear interested in the hunting ground the kite is circling, adding to the scare-away tactic that is so effective for keeping birds away from grapes.

As crop protection, this product is meant to be used for 3-5 months, through veraison until harvest. This is the time when birds eat the almost-ready grapes. In vineyards, our Frightkites work best on sparrows, finches and starlings, which, if unchecked, can descend and quickly decimate a crop of grapes. Though not vineyard pests, pigeons and seagulls are also deterred by FrightKite, with locations such as Sonoma Raceway and the Oakland A’s Coliseum venue.

In vineyards, with each FrightKite will cover 1.25 acres and two Falcons will cover three acres. The kites change the behavior of birds when they see the Falconkite in flight.


 "This season at veraison I installed two Falcon Frightkites in my 5-acre vineyard and there has been a dramatic reduction in the number of Finches and Starlings in the area, which has virtually eliminated all our bird damage. Working for a vineyard manager in the area we are testing the results in a 650-acre vineyard and by all indications the kites are absolutely reducing bird numbers and damage."

- Grower and Consultant to the industry located in Glen Ellen

"We LOVE our Falcon FrightKites. Not only are they amazing to see & a great conversation piece, we did NOT put up ANY bird netting last year and we had zero bird damage."

- Grower in Santa Rosa, CA

Keep Birds Away from Grapes with our Frightkite

The FrightKite is an amazing tool for vineyard or winery owners to reduce or eliminate bird damage in their vineyard at a reasonable price, and without harming the birds or the surrounding environment.

If you’re looking for a proven vineyard bird control that is environmentally-friendly and highly effective, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch or browse our shop.


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