Are you having trouble keeping seagulls away from your boat or marina? FrightKites™ may be the answer! FrightKites™, also known as bird scarers or hawk kites, are large kites with distinctive, realistically colored designs that imitate a predatory animal like a hawk. The idea is to use these devices to make it appear to pest birds like gulls as if a large predator is flying around the area, and thus scaring away those birds.

FrightKites have proven to be an effective way of deterring seagulls from boats, marinas and other places like resorts. The distinctive colors and movement of these kites are so realistic that they look like a real falcon, so most birds will fly away to avoid any danger.

These kites come in kits that offer a variety of poles so the falcon never needs to be re-launched. There is always one to suit your specific needs. All are designed for outdoor use and even have mounting systems to make them secure and easy to take down and put up.

To use the FrightKite™ properly, just set it up on its pole where it will be visible to incoming birds and able to move freely in the wind. Place it near your boat or marina, allowing the kite to fly in large circles over the area to scare off any birds that may be present.

This best-in-class product is not limited to just boating enthusiasts! They can be used in other applications such as resorts and restaurants, farming, vineyards, stadiums, and golf courses to keep birds away from valuable crops or sensitive areas.

Seagull Deterrent

Falcon Crop Protection has the perfect solution for keeping unwanted pest birds away from your valuable property! We offer a variety of products to protect your crops from nuisance birds and boats/marinas. Our kites are designed to scare away these pests, so you can rest easy knowing your crops are safe. Testimonials will attest to what we are saying.

Protect your crops today with Falcon Crop Protection! Our products are top-of-the-line and will protect your property from these airborne nuisances. Our FrightKites are easy to assemble, sturdy, long lasting and quickly get the job done.

Unique Features of FrightKites™

When it comes to kites, many people don’t think that something as small and light as a FrightKite as being a serious solution to such a big problem. But our FrightKite does indeed stand out from the crowd. Their lightweight carbon fiber frame, proprietary UV resistant material, easy to assembe capabilities, and ability to fly in winds as low as two mph make them ideal for all users.

The construction of a FrightKite is so simple, it easy to assemble even for beginners. We also have a video to help if needed. The FrightKite uses no rubber bands or zip ties or twine to assemble so nothing to fail or for you to purchase.

FrightKites are also designed to self-launch in winds as low as two mph. This means they don’t need assistance from the user to get off the ground. Instead, they can take advantage of even the gentlest breeze and take flight to start scaring birds.

So if you’re in the market for finally an effective, easy and low cost way of scaring away those pesky and messy gulls or other birds then consider giving FrightKites a try. With their unique features, they’re sure to brighten up any sky.

The Benefits of Using FrightKites™

FrightKites are a fun, effective, and affordable way to protect your property from birds. With bird populations increasing across many regions, it can be difficult to keep them away from your home or business. FrightKites offer an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional bird control methods, such as balloons, squawk speakers and predator sounds that just annoy neighbors, rubber owls and such like that simply do not work.

FrightKites act as a visual deterrent to scare away birds without causing them any harm. The realistic design and colors make it impossible for birds to ignore AND its continuously changing flight pattern ensures birds do not get accustomed to its presence. When they see it in the air, they will usually fly away quickly, not wanting to get close to such a known predator. The Falcon can also help protect crops and gardens from birds, as they will be less likely to land and eat the product if there is a significant presence hovering and fluttering directly above.

FrightKites are easy to set up and maintain. They don’t require any complex installation or special equipment. All you need to do is hang the kite up in an open area close to where birds are causing a problem, and you can watch it swoop, dive, climb and even hover in the wind, just like the real deal. The kites don’t require maintenance except occasionally replacing them when eventually worn out.

They are without doubt THE most cost-effective solution to outdoor bird problems when compared to any other bird control solutions. Looking for an affordable way to protect your property from birds? Look no further.


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