Uncovering the Main Problems With Seagulls and How to Get Rid of Them

Everyone knows the noisy laugh of the seagull. We’ve all seen them hovering above crowds on the boardwalk, searching for their next meal.

But seagulls don’t just steal food from beach vacationers. They threaten human safety and can even transmit diseases.

For business owners, however, they pose a unique threat. Hungry gulls can cause serious damage to vineyards, farms and other industries.

Keep reading to learn about the main problems with seagulls and ways to get rid of these pesky birds.

They Eat Everything

While there are different types of gulls, what unites them is their ability to learn quickly and adapt to new environments.

Seagulls will eat just about anything, including garbage. This is a problem for businesses whose crops are at risk.

There are simple ways to modify a habitat so it’s less appealing to seagulls:

  • Avoid dropping trash or litter
  • Never feed them
  • Keep your garbage cans tightly closed

Removing sites where birds can feed, rest, or create a nest may discourage them from certain areas.

If possible, you can also try to limit mowing fields and lawns. Tall grass is a known seagull deterrent.

They’re Aggressive

Because gulls can be quite aggressive and unhygienic, it’s important to find a way to scare them off.

Various methods exist for frightening seagulls. They range in cost and proven effectiveness.

A new strategy to scare away gulls involves dogs. Sheepdogs have been proven to chase off the birds and reduce their population numbers. They’re best employed at peak hours when the seagulls are most active.

There are different electronic gadgets you can purchase that make loud noises, alarming and confusing gulls. These include amplifiers that imitate the calls of other predatory birds.

Some businesses and individuals have tried seagull scarers for roofs and buildings such as wire or polyurethane netting.

Some Scare Methods Don’t Last

Every method has its advantages and limitations. The problem with many is that they’re only short-term fixes.

The most effective and long-lasting seagull scarer on the market is the Falcon FrightKite.

Falconry is a go-to for pest control, but using real birds can be expensive. Using a FrightKite has a similar impact while remaining cost-effective. Businesses have already experienced the benefits of this method.

The kite is constructed with sturdy material that can withstand high winds. It’s also designed to prevent damage from sun damage and deterioration.

When you use the kite, seagulls are scared off by the sight of a predator and will leave your crops alone. It’s also a way to repel gulls without harming them or removing their nests.

End Your Problems with Seagulls

When it comes to seagulls, preventative measures are important.

But, to see real results eliminating your problems with seagulls, you also need a method that’s proven to work.

The Falcon FrightKite takes the main problems with these pests into consideration. On top of being effective, it will cost you a fraction of the price of other methods.

To purchase a FrightKite, visit here.

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